Bi-Fold Glass Doors

Bi-Fold Glass Doors in Kenya – By GlassPro Limited

Are you tired of a wall that destructs you from enjoying a picturesque view of your garden when lounging on your porch? Is your current setup unable to allow sufficient natural light into the front rooms? Do you wish there was a way you could bring the outside inside?  In the 21st century, the next exciting innovation in home technology is never that far. In Kenya, GlassPro Limited is one reliable partner who will work hand in hand with you to blend-in your home functionality & design, captivate natural light architecture and modernise your home.

Bi-fold glass doors are the ultimate feature. Below are some benefits of bi-fold glass doors: –

  • MODERN & STYLISH – Bi-fold glass doors are the epitome of modernity in the home. Bi-fold glass doors is still one of the most stylish, beneficial adaptions a homeowner can make to their home. It is a must-have for your home.
  • NATURAL LIGHT – Modern architecture is geared towards maximising natural light entry into a structure; more glass equals more sunlight entering your home.  The large surface area of your bi-fold glass doors will capture the maximum amount of sunlight possible, thus, giving your home an all-new sense of warmth and a relaxed ambiance. Unlike solid brick walls which are famously poor at letting in natural light., bi-fold glass door is clearly a natural light solution to our home.
  • HEALTH WELLNESS – Natural light has a lot of benefits to the general wellbeing of mankind. Benefits such as sunlight exposure, which is attributed to supplementing vitamin D in our bodies., contributes to healthy brain and bone development. Other benefits include improvements in the body’s sleep/wake cycles, mood, and reductions in stress and depression.
  • SAFE & SECURE – While bi-fold doors can be thought of as fashionable pieces, they are also very safe.  Once locked, it will be very difficult for a bugler to force entry from outside. Bi-fold glass doors can work with different thickness of laminated & toughened glass for safety purposes.

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