Office Partitioning in Kenya by GlassPro Limited

GlassPro understands that glass provides natural light, privacy and style in various design options, and is compatible with many other popular office partition materials. Adding glass to an office partition either using aluminum, wood or gypsum, can be beneficial for everything from acoustics and appearance to privacy and functionality, a concept that we, at GlassPro, understand very well.

In Kenya, glass office partitions are growing in popularity as useful remedies to the many distractions of open workspace environments. Not only does glass partition structures provide greater privacy and organization, but they also provide a host of other benefits depending on composition. One of GlassPro’s biggest advantages is the ability to transform glass into the many levels of its transparent and translucent forms, which allows for personalised regulation of the flow of natural sunlight throughout the workplace.

At GlassPro, we work with glass so that despite its transparency, the glass still retains privacy when needed. GlassPro styles include modular, framed, or frameless partitions. GlassPro’s decorative modifications on glass, such as glass frosting or glass silk screening, provides customized degrees of transparency, personalization, and light.

In Kenya, glass office partitions in particular offer a wide array of advantages, from improvements in employee morale associated with increased natural light, to greater options regarding aesthetics and functionality within the workplace. At GlassPro, we understand how these characteristic boosts employees’ morale and overall health

GlassPro: The Perfect Partner in Finding the Perfect Solution

When determining the best solution for your office partition, it’s helpful to consult with an experienced, reputable team who can answer any questions and run down a list of viable options to best meet your specific needs. At GlassPro Limited, we will assist in answering useful questions beforehand such as: What are your office design goals? What is your budget? What is your installation deadline? Etc. call us on 0727 034 222 | 0737 474 749