Refurbishment of Bathrooms with Glass In Kenya

In Kenya, glass is likely to be a significant part of your bathroom refurbishment.
When it comes to glass in bathrooms, glass shower screens and sink splash backs normally dominate the space, but there are myriad of other constructive uses. Sections of your bathroom can be divided by Large plates of glass while some obscured glass can provide privacy both in shower screens and doors. Using GlassPro’s toughened glass also ensures your bathroom is safe for the entire family.

Tips for getting the most out of your bathroom glass

  1. Having a good mix of glass shower screens and large mirrors brings an abundance of natural light into smaller bathrooms.
  2. Include your personal style to your bathroom by using decorative glass and choose a design to match your décor.
  3. Make sure your bathroom glass is installed by an experienced glazier like GlassPro in Kenya.
  4. You can opt for coloured glass in your shower cubicle screen, to match your décor and give your bathroom a more striking appearance
  5. It is highly recommended that for smaller bathrooms one should consider using glass which can also be utilized in sink surrounds and vanities to provide the illusion of space.
  6. Consider combining glass with other natural materials like wood and rock to bring out the right aesthetics of your bathroom design.
  7. Use of glass shelves complete the look in your bathroom, tying in all the elements and giving you practical storage.
  8. For privacy sake when designing an ensuite bathroom, consider the use of opaque or frosted glass in the door.
  9. For quality installation of shower cubicles in Kenya, and other interior and exterior glass works for both domestic and commercial purposes, you’ll never go wrong with GlassPro Limited in Kenya.